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tour here, chic Modern City Kitchen, designed by West Elm Alexandria see the full tour here. Heres a rundown of the key figures, what happened, and what could be next:The Players:Lex Greensill: The financiers rise took him from his familys farm in Queensland, Australia through to Wall Street banks, and then to founding his own firm. Please play on our new server. Is that *really* what my house looks like on camera? Much of the business, which spans steel, aluminum and renewable energy, was built at a breakneck pace that saw him spend about 6 billion over a five-year period buying and revamping unloved metal assets. Heres how to change your background on Zoom: First, find your favorite background photos below and save them to your desktop. On Monday, Greensill Capital filed for administration in the.K., capping a stunning collapse for its founder.

If this mask gets soiled on the exterior, you dont have to worry about removing it immediately, since contaminants cant penetrate (meaning theres less risk you have to deal with in removing and discarding the mask). As with the last crop of backgrounds, these photos are all from real-life home tours featured right here on the West Elm blog. As we collectively settle in for the winter, its important to take as many safety precautions as possible to keep ourselves (and our families) safe. We also supply, sudoku puzzles for newspapers, books, magazines, websites and more. If youre not concerned about the folding functionality, N95maskco offers a range of top-quality masks in various designs. If you use them, take a pic and tag @westelm so we can see! Unfortunately, not all masks are equal. Swiss asset manager GAM Holding AG also decided to shutter a Greensill-linked fund. Now its your turn! When I heard about it, I had to give it a go and mightve had a little too much fun doing.

Download your favorites below! Note: this mask is not certified domestically by niosh. Its way more exciting to dial in from a fantasy kitchen anyway, and thats where we come. And if you use one during a meeting, snap a sneaky pic and tag us @westelm. Scroll down for our NEW Happy Hour backgrounds down below! And thanks to the foldable design, theyre perfect to use while youre on the. To download these images, save your favorites to your desktop and upload them to Zoom with the instructions above. Click Virtual Background from the bar on the left, then press the plus sign to upload the photo of your choice. Whether youre a WFH pro or are just getting started, theres a major learning curve when it comes to video conference meetings. GFG is in talks to negotiate a reprieve on its debt obligations to Greensill, which would help the group stave off insolvency and avoid an asset fire edit Suisse: The episode is another black eye for the Swiss bank's.

Ah, working from home. West Elm Holiday House, this stunning A-Frame home and more, much to the delight of everyone else on the call. KN95 Mask, this FDA Appendix A KN95 mask is a more affordable option than an N95 mask, while still offering a similar protection level. The foldable mask features a cup design that molds comfortably around your face while still allowing for easy air flow. Then, on Zoom, click the gear settings in the upper right corner.

Or you can take this time to really do things your way. Designed by West Elm Dumbo see the full tour here Bright Airy Living Room Goals From Olivia Rink John Philp Thompsons apartment see the full tour here Meeting Adjourned Because This A-Frame Is Incredible From our A-Frame. If youre looking to level up, these. Turns out work isnt the only thing were using Zoom for these days from one-on-one catchups to full-on Zoom parties, virtual hangouts are the new normal. This mask model offers niosh-certified N95 Filtration with the added layer of FDA-cleared Anti Viral technology. It has all the benefits of 3MN95 mask, providing an extra layer that neutralizes viruses and bacteria on contact. Read more about Lex Greensill hereSanjeev Gupta: A former commodities trader sometimes dubbed the Man of Steel, Gupta heads GFG Alliance. In the.K., the National Health Service has had to pay pharmacies directly rather than rely on Greensill Capital, putting further strain on its pandemic-hit finances.

And no offense to Zooms pre-set options, but were not talking about a generic outer space scene or a panoramic shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. You can pop bubbly in the Queer Eye loft, mix up some cocktails at a home bartenders apartment, or throw on a caftan (or a bikini!) to pretend youre in Palm Springs. Scandi-Meets-Cali in the Kitchen From the Midwest Malibu kitchen renovation see the full tour here Bring On the Color! Weve rounded up some of our favorite kitchens from home tours over the years. It had planned a fund raising last year that would have valued it at 7 billion. Bloomberg, greensill, Gupta and the Fragile Tower of Money and Metal (Bloomberg) - Lex Greensills business has unraveled at a blistering pace, leaving a tangled trail of destruction all around. NYC Waterfront Views with a Big Ol Bird of Paradise. During this slow buildup of pressure, in late 2020 Softbank wrote down its investment in Greensill, though this only came to light in recent e situation accelerated in February, when pressure from BaFin saw Greensill seek out potential buyers for its exposure to Gupta. From a designers colorful California kitchen to the all-white/open-shelving kitchen youve probably saved to your Pinterest board a dozen times weve got a wide range here, so take your pick! Without that coverage, credit quality was questioned, asset valuations became tougher, and Credit Suisse froze the Greensill-linked funds, citing considerable uncertainty.

Cookings more fun with friends and family. Compounding Greensills problems, around the same time, the German regulator BaFin started a probe into his fast-growing bank in Fin was concerned that too many of the assets of Greensill Bank were tied to the same source: Gupta. Is that your husband in the background? Scroll down for our NEW happy hour and kitchen backgrounds down below! The Bank of England has ordered Gupta to inject 75 million pounds into Wyelands Bank, owned by GFG, to return retail e Next StepsGreensill: Talks continue with Athene after the insolvency filing, with the Bermuda-based annuity seller offering about.

From Lindsey Toblers home see the full tour here Ultra-Cozy Cabin Vibes From Zosia Mamet Evan Jonigkeits Hudson Valley home see the full tour here Photography by Landon Vonderschmidt and Seth Smoot NEW: Virtual Happy Hour Backgrounds! (Hey, a little levity can go a long way these days.). Let us know in the comments below, and if you use our backgrounds, tag @westelm so we can see! It will show up as the mirror image, but you can toggle that off if youd like. It decided not to extend policies covering the loans Greensill made, and has fired a manager who had a key role in signing off on that business. Im working from a Brooklyn apartment that hasnt been fully moved into yet and on frequent video chats with my stylish West Elm colleagues, it shows.

Thats right, its a virtual background! German municipalities that parked funds at Greensill Bank are now at risk of losing their r Gupta, it appears Greensill may take GFG down with. If youre worried about the price, youll be glad to know you can get this niosh N95 Foldable Mask for just.504 per mask on sale. Update: Got a virtual happy hour coming up? While I might now have some time on my hands to make that WFH space look better IRL, I want to show you a shortcut that will get all of us to our dream homes by that 3pm meeting. To use these photos as your background on Zoom, save them to your desktop, then upload them to Zoom with the instructions above. Protected by Copyscape plagiarism checker. That blurry, front-facing camera lens can be pretty unforgiving. Keeping Calm in the Bedroom, designed by West Elm Nashville see the full tour here, might As Well Pretend You Have a Dog?

The mask also features comfortable head and neck loops for a secure fit and all-day wear, and a flexible design that makes them easy to store without damage when not in use. To sell some assets, but deteriorating situation had put Greensills backers and investors on ad More: Credit Suisse Missed Many Warnings Before Greensills Collapse Explaining Supply Chain Finance and Greensills Woes: QuickTake Gupta in Talks for Reprieve on Greensill Debt. Spains government has already asked a division of GFG to prove its solvent before being allowed to push ahead with a takeover of an aluminum plant, according to people familiar with the matter. Update: Got a virtual happy hour, brunch or dinner coming up? The investigation found irregularities, including that the bank had booked claims for transactions by Gupta that hadnt yet occurred but which were accounted for as if they had. Greensill was by far his largest financial backer and the collapse at the lender leaves him in search of new edit Suisse Group AG: The Swiss lender ran a 10-billion suite of funds that bought securitized loans from Greensill. Thats why they look so real they are real! Now Im sure your real kitchen is just fine, but theres a good chance you didnt get around to that kitchen reno before all this social distancing went down.

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